November 26, 2005

Progressive Gifting

There's some easy ways to buy blue and green for the holidays...just thought I'd pass these along.

Instead of using Amazon for online shopping (still a red company), try Powell's or Barnes and Noble.

The best thing (besides shopping in local bookstores) is to use for books, music, or DVDs, and choose which retailer you want to use from their site. A commission from your purchase goes towards their partners (Alternet, CodePink, Free Speech TV, Organic Grower's Association, etc).

Green gift ideas--Co-Op America.

And BuzzFlash has some excellent premiums they're offering in exchange for donations.

Happy Chrismukkanza.

November 25, 2005

A turkey drop for Rove

Reflections on a White House Thanksgiving:
Rove works the room, shakes hands, squeezing a little too hard to remind everyone who "the architect" really is. Everyone understands, even as they furtively wipe their hands on their pants after he touches them. Rove grabs fistfuls of baby shrimp and shoves them into his mouth when he thinks no one's looking, swallows without chewing. He smells like baby aspirin and old bacon.
Fitznukkah's almost here...

Bush blooper recap
Bush's door gaffe is merely the latest in a long string of presidential bloopers. For those of you keeping score at home, Bush has now fallen off a Segway scooter, slammed his head on Marine One, dropped his dog, desecrated a flag, choked on a pretzel, asked for a potty break, not to mention being violated by a turkey and outwitted by an umbrella.
He may be a collosal failure, but you gotta admit he's always been good for a laugh (or cry, depending). When it comes to being a fuckup, he never fails to outdo himself, so in that sense he's a winner.